Sunday, May 15, 2016

These glasses were cool and can feel the temperature can become transparent

These glasses were cool, and can feel the temperature can become transparent when you put on! 20160509-eyewear-1

You are watching this sweet piece of takeout Matteo Agati, is a young Italy designers, you may have noticed that he's strange-indeed, that pair of glasses, glasses near the nose position, and lost, ... ...

What's it all about?


Well, it is certainly not because the designers called Agati so poor that broken glasses of sake, in this day and age, face value is value, such a handsome guy, who even went to the butcher (fog), can also earn big bucks.

Kenzo tiger

He is so talented.


His talent was to design and creativity. Look above the glasses, Agati named HyperEthereal, according to his description, picture frame is made of special material, when it is in contact with the skin (such as the position of the nose), the body temperature will allow it to heat up – and thus, to make it transparent.

So, when you put it on time, you can get an amazing picture frame disappear effects, very cool.

20160509-eyewear-4 20160509-eyewear-5

Well, what Agati student photos, the bearded like the 300 Warriors of Sparta face, as a man I can not help but be excited ... ... So, this is a very handsome and good-looking man to make the very handsome and attractive ideas, the only drawback is, such a nice material, has only made glasses-you said how great this Bikini!

So, Yes, Matteo Agati, the above is what I was dissatisfied with the most points, I hope you can guard against arrogance and rashness, and improved as soon as possible. Thank you. Kenzo tiger Kenzo iPhone 5

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