Monday, October 17, 2016

Apple s App Store will remove obsolete applications

Apple's App Store will remove obsolete applications

According to latest news shows today, Apple has just sent an email to the developer community, said she will begin a reorganization of the App Store, for those who have been unable to function properly, and which do not conform with the current review of the principles or is out of date and will be removed from the App Store. Ted Baker iPhone

Ted Baker iPhone

In addition, Apple said the future name of the application will be limited to 50 characters or less. For example, if a user searching the App Store "Instagram" will get a ranking called "Photo Collage, Picture Editor, Pic Grid, f..." applications like this will be removed.

For specific implementation details, Apple has released a FAQ (frequently asked questions) to explain to these changes. From September 7 and said it would begin a review of all applications, applications for those new irregularities, Apple will be immediately removed, and has been on the line of the old application, you will first receive a corrective notice, if not updated within the next 30 days, will also be removed.

Data shows that from 2008 App Store launch date, for iPhone and iPad iOS application has more than 2 million of the total, have reached 130 billion total downloads. But it contains a large number of iOS development based on an earlier version, then abandoned application has not been updated, even no one download, zombie applications that do not run. For Apple, it's time to improve the App Store discoverability and user search experience.

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